Discover the trueimportance of sleep.

Learn more about the importance of sleep through this board game.

Sleep plays a vital role in all living beings, in particular, in the growth and development of children as well as in the physical and emotional well-being of adults. This game aims to help prevent and identify some of the biggest problems related to sleep, which people tend to give very little importance, in this way it is intended to alert people to the importance of sleep in a playful and dynamic way.

Diagnoses and identifies major sleep-related disturbances and symptoms.

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A guide to health for all of us.

As cartas, a par do “Guia dos Problemas do Sono” serão os elementos essenciais no decorrer do jogo. As cartas irão identificar os perfis de cada doente e os seus respetivos sintomas, perturbações e comportamentos e se deve, ou não, ter. O guia dos problemas será usado apenas pelo jogador que tiver a carta da “Equipa de Saúde”, este terá a responsabilidade de identificar perturbações dos doentes no devido “Guia dos Problemas do Sono”.

Help yourself and those around you.

This game identifies the main factors causing sleep problems. Through the letters and the “Sleep Problems Guide”. This dynamic allows this game to be played, not only by people with sleep problems but also by people who want to know more about these problems/symptoms and thus help other patients to overcome this adversity.

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