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The Safari dos Sons is a simple and fun board game that aims to develop phonological awareness, especially in children.

The development of phonological awareness is the knowledge that each of us has about the sounds of the mother tongue, that is, the competence that allows us to identify, manipulate and reflect on the sounds of speech. It takes place practically from birth and depends on many factors such as the child’s cognitive and intellectual development, exposure to language experiences, and learning to read and write.

If any of these factors are corrupted, children can become phonologically impaired, performing less well than expected for their age.
To minimize the impact of any of these factors, CADIn, together with BASLR Games, developed the game, “SAFARI DOS SONS”, to improve the skills that allow children to identify, manipulate and reflect on speech sounds.

It is intended that Safari dos Sons become one of the most used and effective games, contributing to the development of phonological awareness in thousands of children.

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More than 1400 different difficulty questions.

In Safari dos Sons there are 6 decks of 60 cards each. The difficulty of the questions increases as the numbering of the cards progresses.

In this game, children will have the opportunity to perform tasks to develop phonological skills, which must be worked on depending on the degree of complexity and the level the child is at, from level 1 to level 4.

The game is intended for any child between the ages of 5 and 11, at any stage of their phonological awareness development.

Initially developed as a tool to help therapists and parents of children with specific learning disabilities, the game has now been upgraded for anyone who wants to help their child’s cognitive development and exposure to the alphabetic system for learning to read and write.

Some children who finish preschool education, with gaps in the acquisition of Phonological Awareness.
At this stage, the Safari dos Sons game will be fundamental to replace some gaps in phonological awareness, and in some cases, even be an auxiliary tool for some type of therapy and inclusion tool for children with more difficulties.

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