An educational exerciseabout culture types.

Caring, Acting, Responsible and Educating.

This game is part of the actions of the CARE project – Caring, Acting, Responsible and Educating, developed by CVP, namely working with refugee reception communities. This game was created as an educational exercise on racial and ethnic differences, color, nationality, the territory of origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, and any other difference that harms the inclusion of migrants and refugees.

More than a game, an educational exercise about the different types of culture that exist.

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Experience firsthand, the difficulties, and challenges that every refugee faces.

This game is intended to sensitize the community and promote the dissemination of knowledge, as well as convey a message of tolerance and respect. In this game, the player will “put on the skin” of a refugee and will have to overcome all the challenges that they go through from leaving their country of origin, to integrating into the society of the country of arrival.

More than 200 letters, full of true stories and challenges.

A game entirely made up of cards, consisting of challenge cards, profile cards, and object cards. There are 3 levels of challenge cards, crossing, staying in the refugee camp, and reintegrating into society. To overcome the challenges, each player will have to collaborate with the other players, simulating the community life of each of us. And you will also have to fulfill your personal goals.

Created in 1865, the "Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa" is a non-governmental institution of an essentially voluntary nature.

The “Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa” was created on February 11, 1865, under the name of “Comissão Portuguesa de Socorros a Feridos e Doentes Militares em Tempo de Guerra”, by the military doctor José António Marques who, in the previous year, had represented King D. Luís I at the international conference that gave rise to the 1st Geneva Convention.
Throughout its history, the Portuguese Red Cross has helped in
all the wars and major catastrophes that Portugal has been involved in.

It is part of the International Red Cross (Cruz Vermelha) and Red Crescent (Crescento Vermelho) Movement, the largest humanitarian organization in the world. In this context and since 1865, it has pursued its mission to protect life and health and to prevent and repair human suffering. With the support of its donors, benefactors and partners, it develops activities in the area of health care, emergency response, social support to seniors, children and vulnerable groups, professional and first aid training, and higher education in health, among others.

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