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Brand Activation

Increase your brand’s engagement, through games that stimulate the creation of relationships with consumers.



Learning complex concepts through playful marketing has a higher rate of receptivity among trainees.

We are specialized in corporate games


We create physical and/or digital games, with individual or group dynamics, for unique and effective training.

Brand Activation

We develop board games and/or digital games that create memories with people.


We create and edit games, which we believe are of interest to society.


Connecting the best of both worlds.

The possibility of creating a board game was something that we always dreamed of. BASLR Games brings your idea to life, developing platforms that allow the creation of new and innovative game dynamics: single-player options, hidden treasures and multiple gaming levels. Changing gameboards, as we know!

A new approach.Gamification.
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Building Relationships

Games have a prominent role in building relationships, whether they are professional or personal.

Demystify Concepts

The ability to demystify complex concepts, through experience and living, by playing games.


A new form of brand awareness, in a disruptive and effective way, directly targeting an audience.


A new way to grab trainees' attention, test their team spirit and make learning easy.

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