We develop games.We fulfill goals.

We believe that games are a very powerfultool for solving many problems.

The power of games

We strongly believe that games are more than a leisure instrument. For us, games are a powerful tool, for a multitude of factors, and are the answer to several problems and difficulties encountered in business scenarios.


Effective and fun learning

Games have been playing an important role in creating relationships and understanding concepts. Possibility of having a game, which works as a tool, or as a prize for all employees.


Client connection

In an increasingly content-filled world, connecting with customers has never been more important than it is now. Games have that power, and the ability to create a community of followers.

Physical Games

We bring brands and people together, in a world of interaction and conviviality.

  • Board games;
  • Card games;
  • Giant games;
  • Table games with augmented reality;
  • Digital solutions for integrating existing games.
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Digital Games

  • Digitization of existing games;
  • Apps;
  • Mini online games;
  • Gamification of processes;
  • Gamified totems.
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