Building friendshipswith games.

At work or, at home with family and friends, games give us some of the most spectacular moments in our lives. Our mission: To keep giving more of those unique moments to everyone.

Our Team

A fullydedicated team

BASLR Games is a game company, with a special emphasis on board games, specializing in the development of games for the B2B market. We develop games for any type of brand whether is a retail brand or even a gaming brand, with our amazing team of fully dedicated professionals, always ready to advise clients and develop and optimize techniques and materials. As so, we can offer the ideal solution for each client and the solution for each problem. To achieve the best results possible, we have our internal team and the support of our national and international partnerships in different game areas.


How we see the world.

Increasingly, we find ourselves with fewer quality moments, between friends, family, and at work. Also, we tend to have false compassion for other realities. In a business environment, we constantly see lower productivity, due to the lack of creative solutions for stimulating employees.


What moves us.

We believe that games are great problem solvers, and providers of unbelievable moments. That is what moves us. An environment of connection, between people and brands, and unique experiences.


What we present.

Games are a very effective marketing tool, with the capability of engaging with people in a unique, organic, and fun way. Whether as a company’s marketing tool, or a” relationship” tool for families and friends. Always providing good moments.

PlaycentricDesign Process Methodology

Acreditamos que, ter uma metodologia centrada na testagem do produto em todas as fases do projeto, é crucial para o sucesso deste.

01. Scan

An exhaustive survey of needs and objectives is crucial for the success of a project.

02. Thinking

Strategic and creative thinking to find the best solution that answers the problem.

03. Game dynamics

Developing an effective game dynamic, that fulfills the initial briefing.

04. Design

Fully customized and exclusive design capturing the brand’s identity.

05. Pre-prototyping

To evaluate and test, it is necessary to create prototypes that validate the concept.

06. Testing

Group testing. Get together different types of players for the most complete and accurate feedback.

07. Golden sample

Final prototype production, faithfully reproducing the final game, for ultimate analysis, testing, and comparison.

05. Production

Applying the best production techniques, with the support of national and international partners.

09. Quality & Shipping

We make a final quality test and ship the games anywhere in the world.

The importance of games

Games are an important way for humans to feed their imagination, creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional well-being. According to the “British Medical Journal”, playing games, especially board games, are a “relevant form of cognitive preservation and a way to prevent cognitive decline or dementia”. They add that “other stimulating leisure activities, such as reading, traveling, gardening, or playing sports, do not offer the same cognitive benefits” as games.

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